YouTube – Obama’s Budget

YouTube - Obama's Budget.
Oh look, Obama is dragging us down again in the name of... well, I don't know if even he knows that anymore. He's pretty much saying, "We've increased government spending, now we must decrease the defisit."

He also wants to work with congress to meet all his "defisit targets." If they aren't met, then we'll get a tax increase without voting for it. Hurrah for socialism!


I need to be out of college. It's gotten me at my whit's end. It's not even the work; technically, my load isn't all that heavy considering I'm a senior. Everything's just so tedious.

The class I really need to pass is Discrete Combinatorics (read: incredibly hard, advanced math). If I pass it, I'll only have one class to take over the summer, then I'll be "done" and can get my diploma in December. But until then, I just have to pull through these last few weeks, and make sure I go to class.

NVDA service and Internet Explorer Crashes

If you've been reading my twitter feed lately, you may have noticed me complaining about excessive IE crashes. Early this morning, I got the idea to find out which module was causing the crashes (based on some forum posts I came across on Google). I had no idea how to do it in Windows 7, but it turns out you just have to look in the Event Viewer (unfortunately, I can't find said crashes off the top of my head).

So, what was the component causing these crashes? Turns out it was VBufBackend_mshtml.dll. This is the NVDA virtual buffer helper for Internet Explorer. What this does is allow NVDA to read webpages in IE. There are also corresponding libraries to assist in the accessibility of Adobe Reader and Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird.

Why does this particular dll cause crashes, and more importantly why is it even loading a dll into iexplore.exe when NVDA isn't running? Presumably, it's the work of the "Non-visual Desktop Access" service, which I had (foolishly) set to startup type "automatic." I went in and set it to manual, and haven't had any crashes today, yet. If the crashes continue, I'll update this post. If you're using Xmarks, this isn't the cause for your crashes if you're experiencing them.

Hello to All

Hello, and welcome to my new blog. I bought this domain because I needed emergency web space for some college projects, seeing as my server is down (and I'm trying to sell it). It's only costing me $9.95 a month, so I'll probably be keeping it around for the foreseeable future.