Two Conferences In A Week, And Other Work-related News

This past Friday, I went to the ISLAND Conference, which was all about getting more disabled students involved in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. As an added bonus, two teachers from the Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired presented there. (I got to talk and catch up with both of them, which was the highlight of my day.)

This week, I’ll be at ATIA 2011 Chicago, at the GH booth. I’ll be demonstrating ReadHear (both PC and Mac), and the Intel Reader. If you happen to be walking around the exhibit hall, don’t hesitate to stop by.

In addition to my involvement in more marketing-related activities, I’ve been elbow deep in ReadHear code, making some little improvements that should make the user experience a bit more pleasant. One thing I will say about working with our settings code is that it’s not hard, just tedious. In fact, kudos go to John and Dennis, as well as everyone else who coded all the scaffolding underlying our settings. The tedium comes in making sure all the right things are filled out, and that they all connect in just the right way so you don’t end up with UI adjustments that do nothing… or worse, something completely wrong. I’ve gotten most of the work for my current project done, and hopefully we’ll put it in a shipping product soon.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now… the inspiration to write doesn’t strike me too often these days. I do a hell of a lot of reading, though, so maybe I’ll start posting some links to interesting things I come across (though that’s what my Twitter account is for. Until then…


YouTube – Obama’s Budget

YouTube - Obama's Budget.
Oh look, Obama is dragging us down again in the name of... well, I don't know if even he knows that anymore. He's pretty much saying, "We've increased government spending, now we must decrease the defisit."

He also wants to work with congress to meet all his "defisit targets." If they aren't met, then we'll get a tax increase without voting for it. Hurrah for socialism!

Hello to All

Hello, and welcome to my new blog. I bought this domain because I needed emergency web space for some college projects, seeing as my server is down (and I'm trying to sell it). It's only costing me $9.95 a month, so I'll probably be keeping it around for the foreseeable future.