Doctor Who’s “Wandering Canon” Problem


I've really grown to love Doctor Who. Of course, this means I have particular nitpicks that bother me. If you're not caught up on the 2005 series as a whole, you shouldn't read any further, because the rest of this post will be almost nothing but spoilers. We're talking River's journal amounts of spoilers. So with that out of the way...

No Rules: Mostly A Good Policy

Being a show about time travel, where you have episodes that end with the events that would set up the plot for the beginning of the episode and alternate timelines that end up never occurring in the first place, it makes sense that the writers have as few ground rules in their way as possible. The Doctor rewrites history multiple times, which is convenient (except when it isn't). So far, so good... right?

I blame Steve Moffat for a lot of these issues... that's when I feel like the craziness really got out of hand. For example, in "The Time of Angels", we find out that anything holding the image of an angel becomes an angel. Mysteriously, however, this isn't an issue by the time of "The Angels Take Manhattan."

There have been some other crazy plot resolutions. The Doctor sacrifices himself to reboot the entire goddamn universe, only to be brought back because Amy remembers him. That's... a bit of a stretch, isn't it? There's also the whole subplot of The Doctor averting his own death, though in that case, the entire universe really did think he was dead, because he deleted himself from every database in the universe, not to mention learning how to memory-proof information based on the genetic ability of The Silents... because apparently that's possible.


I'm sure there are many many more instances of Moffat's canon tomfoolery, especially if you go back to the classic series. It doesn't make me like the show any less, but these things have a way of bothering me. Hopefully this little rant has provided some amusement (dread? outrage?) to you as you've read it. And before I go, here's The 12th Doctor swordfighting with a fucking spoon, because Peter Copaldi doesn't take shit from anybody.