Frighteningly Curious About Android

I got to mess with a friend’s HTC One X yesterday, and while I failed miserably at using TalkBack, it presented enough of a challenge that I was intrigued.

Most of why I was having issues is because HTC Sense is made of custom widgets, which screen readers have problems with. So, naturally, I want to play around with it more… I have a weakness for geek-related challenges. I know there are some issues with the Nexus 7, but I feel like playing with it would be a lot more interesting than an iPad Mini. I mean… what can I do with an iPad mini that I’m not already doing with my iPhone 4S? It’s basically a 7.9” screen for all my existing apps. I can’t type any more easily on it (in fact, I had issues typing on the iPad 2/3), web navigation can still be tedious, ETC… but Android is an entirely new OS, with (in theory) terminal access.

I’d be interested to hear from any blind people in the comments who have iPad Minis or even regular iPads, and what they’re using them for. I’m trying not to be an impulsive person and buy a Nexus 7.

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