Of Work, Love, and Graduation

Finally, I’m done with the gruelling trial of my willpower known as college. I got a b in my first summer course (applied leadership) and an a- (“a minus” for those with screen readers) in my second course, operations management. Let me tell you, that second one was a real bitch.

Work has been amazing. Seriously, I’d be bored to tears/depressed and going crazy without all the wonderful learning opportunities that work gives me. I’ve been working on an interesting and challenging project within the ReadHear PC code base. When a user inserts a removable drive (USB stick, hard drive, CD, ETC), ReadHear will search the drive for books. If it finds any, it’ll pop up a nice dialog where the user can choose a book from that drive and open it.

This scheme is all well and good when dealing with small flash drives or CDS with one or two books on them. The problem comes when you plug in… oh, let’s say, a 2 tb external drive with hundreds of thousands of files on it. Guess where the task of searching the drive is performed? The UI thread. Anyone who’s done any sort of operating systems/cs/software design work should immediately be cringing at this point. (To be fair, the original “search removable media” code was probably designed with Learning Ally CDs in mind.)

So, this was the project my superiors gave me – make it ask the user if they want to search, if they say “yes” start a worker thread to perform the search, otherwise initiate AutoPlay. Sounds simple, right? Well, it actually is… at least in terms of writing the worker thread function itself (the search code was already written and working). The problem came when I had to get the worker and UI threads talking to each other. The worker thread posts a message to the message queue of the main window when it’s complete, and the message handler does all sorts of checks to make sure the drive is valid, ETC. Here are  some interesting things I’ve learned along the way.

  • The Windows Shell API is a steaming pile of shit. Actually, to be more accurate, it’s the programming equivalent of a college dorm room where the occupant has decided to put all of their dirty clothes, unused crap, ETC into a corner. Look at this sample code for an example.
  • Microsoft documentation is really helpful… unless it isn’t. When you have pointers to data structures inside pointers to other data structures, it gets really interesting (to say the least) when trying to cast things. And Microsoft conveniently omits all this information.
  • All bets are off when it comes to User Account Control. For example, JAWS won’t read webpage windows under processes launched with elevated priveleges, and QueryCancelAutoPlay messages don’t actually work properly.
  • Don’t put function calls in asserts. You’ll spend hours tracking down why things don’t work in your release build while they work just fine in the debug version.
  • When inserting a USB device, the dbcv_flags member of the DEV_BROADCAST_VOLUME structure is set to 0. (Thanks for telling me this, Microsoft, and saving me the hastle of confirming in the debugger. Oh, wait…)
  • Don’t #import something more than once. It’ll explode, badly.

I feel infinitely more confident in writing programs using MFC/Win32 than I did a month ago. At first, when they told me to basically have at the code and implement this stuff, I was freaking out. However, after solving all these interesting little problems, I not only feel like I’m much more familiar  with the Windows API, but I feel like I’m a much better programmer because of it.

And now, for something completely different. As you may have gathered from the title of my post, there’s a new woman in my life. I met her through Shaleah, who intuited that we’d be good for each other. So far, that seems to be the case, but our 9-day stay together this/next week will prove it for sure.

One major difference (actually, there are several, but I digress) between her and my other partners is that she has a daughter. Honestly, that doesn’t turn me off like I thought it would. It scares the living shit out of me, yes… but I love both Heather and her daughter Chloe with all my heart. Heather is planning on moving out to Indiana with me. Yes, I know it’s “kinda sudden,” but she’s in a bad spot right now and really needs to get the hell out of California. I just signed the security deposit/application on my apartment, and will be moving in shortly (assuming I get approved). Heather, hopefully, will follow in mid-October.

So, that’s what’s basically going on in my life at the moment. This week is going to go by really slowly… I just want it to be Friday morning already. If I find more interesting programming tidbits, I’ll be sure to post them in some sort of humorous way.